Inspiring sustainable living through research,

community engagement, and immersive educational experiences

A non-profit organization dedicated to the protection and conservation of sea turtles and other wildlife

at the Ostional National Wildlife Refuge in Costa Rica.

The Ostional National Wildlife Refuge is renowned for hosting large mass-nesting events and featuring the densest concentrations of sea turtles on Earth.


But the area’s burgeoning tourism-driven development may threaten local wildlife, human health, and the economy.


Thanks to existing efforts of the Refuge administration, non-profits, and the community, tourism and development have been managed sustainably to date. 


Our organization is working to unite ongoing efforts now to keep us on course.

"We cannot protect the world’s wildlife
unless we also protect the needs of the humans that rely on it."

Gaia Vince, “Rescue of the olive ridley sea turtle”

Thousands of Turtles aggregation before a mass-nesting event in Ostional, Costa Rica



A healthy balance between social, environmental, and economic interests ensures successful conservation

Building a better

understanding of our environment and how we interact with it inspires a new generation of changemakers



Scientific research allows us to make informed and strategic management and conservation decisions


We have achieved a lot so far, but our ambition goes further.

Our goal is to establish a center that will house all of our activities while inspiring the local community and visitors to live a sustainable lifestyle and protect the environment

With your help, we can make it possible.



Local Students Present Their Vision for the Center

Nosara, Costa Rica, October 19, 2019-The Wildlife Conservation Association collaborated with the Nosara Community for the Arts (NOCA) and the non-profit No. 9 in

the weeklong program "Re-imagining My Sustainable Nosara" to empower youth to lead a revolution in building sustainable communities.

Students from Colegio Bocas de Nosara and Del Mar Academy collaborated to brainstorm and design their vision of a socially and environmentally sustainable Nosara. Students built an architectural 3D model of the proposed Nosara Sustainability Center and presented their vision and model to the community.

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Partnering with organizations with similar goals allows us to join efforts and make a bigger difference.

About Us 

The Wildlife Conservation Association is a non-profit in Costa Rica dedicated to promoting wildlife conservation through scientific research, community engagement, and immersive educational experiences that inspire sustainable living.

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